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The future of plus sizing might be obsolete in a few years

Almost fifty percent of women in American are what the fashion industry has labeled “plus size“. More than forty percent of today’s average American teenage girl wears a size
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Khloe Kardashian and daughter model for sister Kim’s new SKIMS sleepwear collection

We didn’t think Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS collection could get any better, but then she went and released a whole new line to complete her already perfect shapewear collection. Kim
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The Billionaire Sara Blakely Shares Her Amazing Response to “Why Are You Still Single?”

We love the holidays! It is more than just being reunited with close friends and family. Just the thought of some of our most beloved holiday traditions brings a
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Create Demand When Consumption is Low. Explained by Forbes.

In e-commerce, there’s no such thing as ‘too niche’. As more and more e-commerce brands zero in on micro-communities, customers are responding with explosive spending. Data from Shopify shows
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Kim Kardashian claims she had “innocent intentions” with the Kimono shapewear brand name

The famous TV star, entrepreneur and aspiring lawyer has heard our complaints and will rename her new and upcoming shapewear line. When she announced to the world that her
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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best White Sneakers and How to Wear Them

Just a little word of advice: they really go with everything. The Asian trend of wearing white sneakers is here. If you have been outside recently, you have definitely