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Create Demand When Consumption is Low. Explained by Forbes.

In e-commerce, there’s no such thing as ‘too niche’. As more and more e-commerce brands zero in on micro-communities, customers are responding with explosive spending. Data from Shopify shows
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Kim Kardashian claims she had “innocent intentions” with the Kimono shapewear brand name

The famous TV star, entrepreneur and aspiring lawyer has heard our complaints and will rename her new and upcoming shapewear line. When she announced to the world that her
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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best White Sneakers and How to Wear Them

Just a little word of advice: they really go with everything. The Asian trend of wearing white sneakers is here. If you have been outside recently, you have definitely
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5 Errors You Need to Avoid When Wearing a Power Suit This Fall

From the length of your pants to the type of blouse you use, each minimal detail counts when trying to pull off this year’s most powerful style – the
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Why does shapewear roll down?

You are all dolled up and look simply amazing, you were finally able to slip into the sexy black cocktail dress your bought a few months ago thanks to
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All of the Different Types of Panties a Women Must Have

You look amazing! Your dress hugs your body in all the right places, you feel as if you rule the day. That is until you caught a glimpse of