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15 lifestyle hacks for your teeny tiny closet - The Beauty Corner

15 lifestyle hacks for your teeny tiny closet

Most women know that finding space in their closets can quickly turn into a nightmare, especially if your closet is the size of a show box.

You could always try the old classic French rule of one in and one out. But we doubt that you are not very fond of thought of chucking over half of your wardrobe.

We have a few handy closet storage tips for you here to help you keep your beloved wardrobe and how to fit everything in there without cramming it. Keep ready to discover these fantastic game changers.


1. Use dividers in your drawers
Organize your drawers with either store bought or homemade dividers for your socks, underwear, shapewear or camisoles. It might look simple, but it is extremely effective giving you some extra space.

2. Hang your bras up – behind the door
The idea is about maximizing any extra space that you already have such as that space behind the door. Screw in about 10 differents hook to the door, evenly spaced and hang a hanger on each one with your bras. This is space efficient and keeps your bras in excellent shape.

3. Rack your shoes – on your wall
Yes, this sounds like a crazy idea but you will love it, you can find wall racks for shoes at Ikea that can hold up to 16 pairs of shoes.

4. Put your closet on display
Actually this is huge home decorating trend at the moment. Either buy or DIY your own portable wardrobe rack. We love the idea of using ladders and placing boards on the steps as shelves.

5. Clothe peg your scarfs
Hang a piece of sideboard with a dozen or so of clothes pegs hammered into the board with the clip pointing downwards. Clip your scarfs to the board and save yourself time from hunting down the perfect accessory for your ensemble.

6. Maximize space by chaining up your hangers
This is an excellent way to maximize space in your closet. Place a hook on the rod and then hang a chain up and hang your clothes from it.

7. Transform your stairs into drawers
Only do this this if you own your apartment or house, otherwise your landowner might freak out. It might cost a pretty penny to do this but you will love the extra space.

8. Color code your wardrobe
Tired of looking for the right color combination for your daily outfit, save yourself time by color-coding your entire closet.

9. Shelf your shoes
If you aren’t too keen on the idea of hanging your shoes on the wall, then put them on display in a beautiful bookshelf.

10. Coat stand
Yes, we know these are old fashioned but they are a space saver for hanging just about everything from jackets to purses and umbrellas.

11. Makeshift under bed storage
You can use anything from cupboard boxes to Rubbermaid bins to store winter clothes or summer clothes or bedding or towels.

12. Turn your jewelry into a work of art
Purchase an open picture frame and place in some tiny hooks to hang your jewelry up. You will be inspired every morning.

13. Put away out of season clothes
Embrace capsule wardrobes by storing away winter or summer clothes. For example, I love leggings and keep them separately for different seasons of the year, best part will be each season you will feel like you discovered a new wardrobe.

14. Ladders helps to create more hanging space
Running out of space, buy an antique ladder and stand it against the wall and hang your clothes from hangers from the different steps.

15. Use a hanging organizer
Yes, those strange looking, plastic organizers that your grandma had hanging in every single room, are actually a great way to maximize your space.

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