3 beauty tips for women with breast cancer

beauty tips for women with breast cancer

Each year on October 19, is the international Day of the Fight Against Breast Cancer, which is celebrated globally. Unfortunately, this disease takes the lives of many women each year.

Breast cancer sufferers often feel insecure about their appearance and femininity, as their body goes through drastic and noticeable changes while receiving cancer-fighting treatments. This includes weight loss, hair loss, dehydration, dry brittle nails and a pale skin tone, among many other side effects.

According to many experts, cancer patients have a higher survival rate when they have a healthy self-esteem about their image. For this reason, we are sharing some valuable beauty tips that you should not skip, if you are a fighting this disease.

Beauty tips for women with breast cancer

Just because you are fighting breast cancer doesn’t mean you have to put aside your femininity and stop dolling yourselves up. All you need to do is take into consideration some simple details to look your best.


It is recommended from the first chemotherapy session to cut your hair very short, this will help you to gradually adjust to the changes to your new look more quickly and you won’t have to experience rapid hair loss.

Choose a style that you feel comfortable with. You can also use a wig or a hat if you prefer, whatever option you opt for make sure you feel comfortable and secure.


Nails will slowly lose their strength and color, for this reason it is best to keep your nails short. If you want to give your nails a touch of color, make sure to not use products that contain alcohol. Use darker colored nail polish and avoid the nail polish from coming into direct contact with your skin. Almond oil can help to strengthen your nails. Avoid clipping your nails, but file them instead.


It is necessary to read the instructions and side effects of each product before applying it to your skin. Opt for products that contain a very small percentage of alcohol. Use soft and neutral body soaps, as your skin will become more sensitive with treatment from the chemotherapy.
Avoid sunbathing or being outside without using a good quality sun block. Have lukewarm showers and use deep hydrating facemasks.

Follow these beauty tips and don’t forget that true beauty comes from within and if you feel secure, then those around you will see you as positive and beautiful.

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