5 Errors You Need to Avoid When Wearing a Power Suit This Fall

women wearing suits

From the length of your pants to the type of blouse you use, each minimal detail counts when trying to pull off this year’s most powerful style – the power suit.

Some styles are eternal, such as the little black dress and are prized for their overall simplicity and versatility. A tailored power suit is a classic style that is a must-have in every woman’s closet, mostly because of what it offers and represents. Empowering every woman who dares to wear one.

Besides making you look amazing, this basic combination of a pair of trousers and a blazer doesn’t only look fantastic on but it looks like you are ready to take charge of the situation. But in order to transmit the image we desire, we need to take into consideration certain aspects that could be ruining your flawless style.

Pay Attention to The Length of the Pants

This is the key, because if they are too long you will look messy and the same goes for pants that are too short, it will look like someone lent you the suit. Ideally, the hemline should hit right at the ankle, to lengthen your legs when wearing heels or flats.

But a longer hemline will look fantastic only if it isn’t too long that it is dragging on the ground, as that will look unaesthetic and be extremely uncomfortable. This style looks fantastic with a pair of stilettos; just make sure to try them on with your heels before buying.

Be careful when wearing a blouse with buttons

One of the most common mistakes we girls make when wearing a button-down blouse is to tuck it into our pants, so we look more elegant and polished. But the friction from your pants, blouse and skin while moving around will often cause the buttons to pop open. Definitely not a look you want to show off.

If you need to tuck in your blouse, make sure that you have invisible safety pins or tags that prevents the blouse from popping open and showing the world what you are wearing underneath.

The size of the blazer really does matter!

We are living in the era of oversize and if you are going for that look in a blazer, make sure you get a size up. Oversized doesn’t have to mean baggy or that the blazer is wearing you. You can dress up your traditional blazer with some shoulder pads or roll up the sleeves or look for styles that have two or three rows of buttons that can be easily adapted to the look you are after.

Wrinkles are an absolute NO!

One little wrinkle can do a world of wonders to destroy the polished elegance of your power suit. It is only normal to have a wrinkle or two after wearing your suit all day long, but if it looks like it hasn’t been ironed or dry-cleaned, then you are better off skipping that suit. The goal while wearing a power suit is to show the world that you are in control and one powerful woman that shouldn’t be messed with.

Believe me the height of waistline says more than you think

The height of the waistline of your trousers will tell others about who you are and what you are looking for. The high-waist pant will always look more formal and send off a professional vibe. But a lower waistline will send off a more causal and youthful vibe. Depending on your circumstances and what looks better on your body, you can consider one or the other.

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