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Aromatic candles: what is each one for? - The Beauty Corner

Aromatic candles: what is each one for?

Candles for spa

Aromatherapy is the discipline that bets on the power of the sense of smell to stimulate the body’s sensory and extra sensory functions. It arises from the use of essential oils extracted from leaves, flowers, roots and stems. They can be used alone in healing and relaxation therapies, but are also used in the production of scented candles.

When candles burn, they easily spread the scent of essential oils through the air, creating an atmosphere that inspires peace and quiet in the room.

How to achieve harmony in the home

We recommend you to pay for the lights and light candles. Aromatic candles are ideal. Some aromas are linked to therapeutic effects or even to people’s attitudes towards certain events.

Not only the aromas are important for our well-being but also the colours. Surround yourself with blues and violets, which calm the mind and invite you to rest and meditation.

Some effects have been attributed to candles containing essences. We highlight the following:

CINNAMON: Attracts customers. It is an aphrodisiac and a mental stimulant.

COCO: Reduces the negative environment. It attracts good friends and sweetens the atmosphere.

LAVENDER: Relaxing, eliminates anxiety and stress, helps to clear tired minds. Widely used when preparing for exams.

JAZMINE: Antidepressant, relaxing and sedative. Eliminates unpleasant odors.

WATERMELON: Reduces the negative environment.

APPLE: Relieves migraine headaches.

GARDENIA: Generates well-being and strength to get out of a problem.

VANILLA: It is a flavouring, sweetening, antidepressant and calming. For lovers, it materializes a sexual and loving relationship. Its sensual fragrance attracts men and women alike.

LEMON/CITRUS: Prevents depression, anxiety and dizziness.

EUCALYPTUS: Disinfects the environment and promotes concentration.

CINNAMON: Eliminates nervous fatigue, is a natural stimulant and is said to be an aphrodisiac.

PINK: Mitigates depression, insomnia, headache, sadness and stress in general.

GERANIUM: Balancing effect, provides a balance between body, mind and emotions. Relieves anxiety, depression and changing moods.

ORANGE: It is antispasmodic, sedative, astringent, antiseptic and depurative.

TOMILLO: Awakens memory, intelligence and concentration. Recommended in cases of mental exhaustion, stress or excessive effort.

CEDRO: Inspires courage and optimism. It achieves an excellent connection between the physical and the spiritual, helping our mind to become clear and to have good judgment. Calms aggressiveness.

The best thing to do is to light the candle in the morning and at night, because what you are looking for is relaxation and tranquility. In addition, it should be lit in an enclosed place for an hour, so that the scent can be felt.

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