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Balines massage - Therapy with good benefits - The Beauty Corner

Balines massage – Therapy with good benefits

Balines Massage

From Indonesia, a place of tradition for massage, we get this wonderful massage that combines relaxing techniques with the most intense treatment of deep tissue. Pressure and stretching to relieve the body, rubbing and pressure applied along the meridians to unblock blocked energy, increase circulation and promote specific body and muscle functions.

It is considered one of the most outstanding massages, transforming it into a wellness treatment that reactivates circulation, increases immune defenses, fights oxidation, relieves joint pain, eliminates toxins and excess fluids, improves tissue tone, balances pH and deeply nourishes the skin, leaving it fresh, young and silky smooth.

It is also combined with essences and aromatic plants with stimulating action for the tissues, balsamic action for the lungs, hydro-energetic, toning and purifying action for the whole organism.

The Balines massage has several specialties, the most complete of which is also called Lulur, which in its original language means “skin covering”. Lulur gives the body all the beneficial effects and all the active properties of Balinese massage, but also adds the properties of aromatic spices, yoghurt and fruit, combined and mixed in different ways according to the various phases of treatment: the initial phase is aimed at the well-being of the feet.

The second part consists of a reinvigorating and draining massage (similar to Thai massage (stretching and muscle stretching movements), and the third part is wrapped in yogurt, citrus or tropical fruit.

The yogurt, citrus or tropical fruit wrapper is a wave of refreshing, pH-balancing and highly nutritious wellness.

  • A tactile experience that unites body and spirit.
  • Benefits of Lulur or Balines
  • Prepare Skin
  • Increases defenses
  • Combats oxidation
  • Nourishes the skin leaving it young and fresh
  • Activates circulation
  • Improves tissue tone

Improves flexibility, etc….Lulur has been conceived as a wellness treatment that acts in depth at all levels, both physical and mental.

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