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The best tummy control thong that conceals your post-baby pooch! - The Beauty Corner

The best tummy control thong that conceals your post-baby pooch!

One of the most mortifying experiences in life can be when someone asks you if you’re pregnant and you’re not. We love to hear that question while we are pregnant but once that baby is out, we want to forget all about that bulging tummy and feel sexy again.

The sad reality that nobody really tells you, is that after giving birth, your tummy never really returns to what it looked like pre-baby. No matter if you exercise like crazy and only drink water, you are stuck with what many mums call their: “post-partum pooch”.

Believe me when I tell you, that all new moms are die-hard fans of everything tummy-tucking, high-waisted and even a sensual tummy control thong, as it holds everything in place and keeps that tummy from popping back out and making you look like you are pretending to be pregnant. (As if anyone would do that on purpose)

Thankfully, high waisted pants, skirts and shorts are all the rage this year but how to pull off this look and avoid that dreaded question: Are you pregnant?

Before we talk about what ensembles conceal your post-partum pooch, we need to discuss what type of panty you should wear. Undergarments are often likened to the canvas for your clothes and they can either ruin or perfect your look.

There is only one pair of underwear that will make you feel like a woman again and not just a mother, and your partner will love them too – the tummy control thong. Offering you all of the coverage and support that comes from granny panties but without the drab-boring look.

Opt for a high-waisted tummy-tucking thong that will flatten your post-partum pooch, making you drop at least one to two dress sizes instantly and also, say good-bye to any visible panty lines.

You will finally be able to enjoy your lighter, slimmer and trimmer body thanks to your tummy control thong, giving you the motivation to look your best and start feeling alive again.


Here are some simple post partum outfit ideas that won’t make you look pregnant:

Even your uterus is on empty after giving birth, you are going look super pregnant for the next few weeks. Not only that, but you are leaking, yes, leaking milk and you’re so tired. Getting dressed in the morning, will not only help you feel better about yourself but also help you tackle the day with more positivity.

  • High-waisted leggings

Choose leggings with a double wide elastic waistband to avoid doubling over and provide extra compression right where you need it most, around your belly. Pair with tunics, short dresses and cute flowing tops.

  • Loose Tops

Providing easy boob access for your hungry baby and keep that tummy bulge out-of-sight.

  • Dark colors

While this might not exactly be an outfit, but we all know of the slimming properties of darker colors but also they are super easy to clean up after a little baby spit up!

  • A-line skirts

Pencil skirts should be avoided till you drop that post partum pooch, but A-line skirts will help you regain confidence in yourself, as you begin to see that you have a figure again.

  • Flowing dresses with prints

Give your body movement with a flowing dress and conceal that tummy by wearing a sexy thong shapewear bodysuit underneath with your maternity bras. Giving you a carefree spirit even after the longest sleepless night.

Post partum can be enjoyable thanks to your secret weapon, the tummy control thong. Say goodbye to baggy pajamas and sweatpants and slowly begin to become reacquainted with your old wardrobe.

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