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Everything you need to know about choosing wedding dress shapewear - The Beauty Corner

Everything you need to know about choosing wedding dress shapewear

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Great detail and planning go into planning every single aspect of your wedding, from the toenail polish to the earrings. But there is one aspect of the wedding day that most brides forget to take into consideration – what to wear under the dress!

On your wedding day, the last thing you need to deal with is bunching, clinging or a horrible visible panty line or bra lines under your wedding dress. Once you have picked out the dress that you are going to wear on your special day – then you need to pick out what you are going to wear under it.

One of the biggest rookie mistakes many brides make when picking their undergarments to wear under the dress, is opting for something skimpy and sexy or going commando!

If you really want to wear something sexy on your wedding night, most brides change out of their dress first and then slip into some sultry lingerie.

In order for your dress to hang properly you need to wear shapewear, otherwise it can cling in all of the wrong places, cause peek-a-boo bra issues, look deflated and flat, and even worse, show your imperfections and panty lines.

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Experts recommend wearing skin tone colored bras or shapewear under your gown, just in cause of any spillage or peek-a-booing.

Choosing the correct undergarments and shapewear to wear under the dress can be trickier than it sounds, but check out our expert advice below as to what to wear under your gown – whatever the style it might be.

If your Dress is Strapless

If you are wearing a strapless dress, you can wear with a strapless bra or have cups sewn into your dress (by a professional seamstress and not your mom). Make sure everything fits perfectly and your girl’s stay put even if you lift you hands above your head.

If your Dress is Backless

If you are wearing backless dress or with an illusion see-through back you will need to wear self-sticking bra cups or have your cup size sewn into the dress. If you are bigger chested opt for cups that are sewn in for the extra support.

If your Dress has a Plunging V-Neck or Deep Neckline

If you are weaning a plunging V-neck or deep neckline, it is best to have your cup size sewn into the dress and if you are smaller chested, you can consider using a sticky bra.

If your Dress has a Low Back

If you are wearing a low back dress make sure that your strapless bra actually is invisible under the dress, as not all low back wedding gowns are created equal. Try a strapless bodysuit with a built-in bra, for extra support and compression.

If your Dress has a Fitted Midriff and Mermaid (trumpet) Skirt

If you are wearing a mermaid style dress that is fitted throughout the midriff and the thighs, then you will want to wear a high waisted boyshort or thigh short shapewear. Even if you are not trying to tuck anything in, it will help the dress sit smoother on your body.

If your Dress is an A-Line Dress

If you are wearing a sheath A-line dress then you will want some full body coverage, to prevent the dress from caving in while you walk or dance. Wear a slip or full body suit with or without a built in bra, which will smooth you from the bust to your thighs.

If your Dress is a Ball Gown

If you are wearing a classic ball gown style dress, then you need either a high waisted hipster or boyshort or a bodysuit to wear under your gown, not only for comfort but also to prevent your dress from looking deflated and lack-luster.

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