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Eyebrow trends - Predicted by celebrity makeup artists - The Beauty Corner

Eyebrow trends – Predicted by celebrity makeup artists

If we had to choose one beauty element that drastically changes from decade to decade, without a doubt we’d have to say the eyebrow. Eyebrows are one of the most defining facial features

Just think back to the early 1930’s when eyebrows were actually shaved off and a thin, arched pencil line was drawn in, making them look as if they stepped out of an Archie comic book. Then, in the 1980’s, Brook Shield’s bushy brows were all the rage.

Beauty trends are changing faster than ever, all thanks to social media. What was considered being stylish yesterday is out today. In order to not be behind the curve, we went to some of the leading makeup artists to get the lowdown from this year’s biggest eyebrow trends and which one we will finally being saying goodbye to.

But, before we give you the details on how you should be styling your brows this year, you will be glad to hear that the perfectly sculpted, contoured, painted brow has seen it’s last day.

Makeup artists say that even celebrities just aren’t into the high-maintenance, fake looking brows anymore. Thankfully, the 2019 trends are going in a completely new direction.

Down-to-earth brows

Down-to-earth brows

We already saw this new look popping up at the Oscar’s this year. The down-to-earth brow is a more relaxed, fluffy brow that makes you look younger and more feminine. Often, it is dubbed the perfect imperfect brows.

Get this look: The key is having fuller eyebrows that are brushed upwards to give them a more fluffier, feathered texture. If you still can’t master the look, try brushing your brows upwards so all of the little hairs are pointing up. Once you have them in place, seal the look with clear mascara for a fuller look.

The perfect imperfect brow often uses zero to little beauty products. The advantage to this look is that it requires less time and looks less forced.

Colored Brows

beauty blue eyebrows

Honestly, all of us love experimenting with our hair, so why not color your brows? 2019 is all about being creative and whimsical, so switch-up your natural color and try something a little more adventurous such as pink, blue, orange, etc.

Get this look: You can either get this look at your local hair salon or try using a DIY kit at home. Dying your brows is quite similar to dying your hair. If you don’t want to go the whole hog, then just grab a colorful creamy eye shadow and work it into your brows.

Mismatched eyebrows

Tired of conforming to a monochromatic world? Show the world that you are not a conformist by mismatching your eyebrows with your hair color. So, if you are rocking a darker colored hair, then lighten your eyebrows or vice versa.

Get this look: Just as with the look above, you can get your brows dyed at your stylists or grab a DIY kit at the local drug store. If you are dying to try a lighter color, just be sure to follow the bleaching instructions carefully, as to avoid damaging your eyes.

Au Naturel Brows

Embrace the triumphant return of the au naturel brow, which couldn’t be easier to maintain. Celebrities who struggled to keep their perfect Insta brow looking perfect love this carefree style.

Get this look: Keep your natural brow shape and just pluck those odd little hairs that tend to grow where they shouldn’t. If your tail is a little sparse, then fill it in with a fine brow pen.

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