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Gal gadot is the new face of the iconic cosmetic brand - The Beauty Corner

Gal gadot is the new face of the iconic cosmetic brand

Wonder Woman has just landed her very first beauty contract. She has conquered Hollywood’s biggest box offices and transformed into the feminist icon – Wonder Woman. Now, Gal Gadot is tackling one of the biggest household beauty products.

Gal, Israeli model and pageant queen who won our hearts as an actress, has just announced that she is the new face for Revlon’s brand new campaign, Live Boldly.

Gal Gadot is our very favorite superhero and she is going to help us to live boldly by wearing Revlon beauty products. Revlon wants us to go for it and for us to be who we are, making Gal Gadot the perfect face for this new campaign.

Gal Gadot has some wonderful beauty hints for you to help you reach even your far-fetched goals.

Prep your face
Always prep your face by applying a good quality moisturizer and primer to smooth out your skin for any foundation. Gal prefers applying a powder foundation instead of heavier lotion that can clog her pores. Powder can be applied only where you need it and skipped, if you are looking for a natural sheen.

Subtle contour
Over exaggerating contouring craze is slowly dying down, but the art behind subtle contouring will be here to stay because it is so flattering for every face. Gal says that cream formulas are easier to blend in than powders or lotions. Choose a contouring shade that is only two shades darker that your actual skin tone.

Match your makeup
Opt for a monochromatic look by using the same shade on your lips, eyelids and cheeks. If you are weary about trying this new look, try using a peach tone, as it looks great on all skin tones and instantly warms up your complexion.

Frame your face
Focus on your brows, as this will help to frame your entire face. Gal owes her signature look to her beautiful arches. Get her look by using a brow pencil and draw short dashes within the brow to give them a more fuller and defined look. Finish off the look by using a bit of gel on an eye brush to set all of the hairs in place.

Don’t shy away from the dark side
Don’t be afraid of wearing darker colored lipstick. Sure, it makes a statement but its not as bad as you think. The key to wearing darker tinted lipstick is by wearing it with a more neutral face. Plus moisturize and buff up your lips beforehand, as darker shades can reveal any dry patches or flakes.

Love the gloss
Gadot is a fan of the matte lip trend but she thinks it’s time to bring back the lip-gloss. Just add some gloss to the center of your bottom lip to make your lips appear fuller. She likes to apply gloss on her red lips to make them pop.

Have fun with your eye shadow
Gadot loves classic looks but she knows that its fun to experiment with your eye shadow occasionally. For example, she wore a sultry blend of coffee tones mixed with dark plum and made her eyes pop by a little bit of turquoise in the corner of her inner eye.

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