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How a woman’s body changes after pregnancy - The Beauty Corner

How a woman’s body changes after pregnancy


“But you still look like you’re pregnant!” the friend exclaims in astonishment as she is gushing over your brand new baby. Really, honestly- who knew? It is a shock to all first time moms that they thought the baby would arrive and they would miraculously look like they did before the pregnancy.

Why do I still look like I’m six months pregnant?

Jelly belly or round squishy tummy, stretch marks and scars and still fitting the pregnancy clothes are the reality facing the new mom as she leaves the hospital, in “glorious mommy heaven”, holding her special new baby.

Just reason on it-how long was your body producing this perfect new human? Nine months of gradual stretching, growing and nourishing an infant. Your abdomen had to stretch gently to accommodate the new human. It makes sense that it will take just as long to get back to normal.

Common results of this is a dark line down the middle of the abdomen. Just think of the skin has to stretch like a balloon. After the birth, it just as slowly as it inflated, now it slowly deflates, gently letting the air out of the balloon, so to speak.

The good news is that it will go back to normal, just gently and slowly. So, be patient and enjoy the time you have bonding with your brand new baby. And, medical advice is to take your time healing as your body has to get back to normal.

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What else is happening to my body

Hormones are causing changes and helping your body to recuperate. They help your uterus to contract and shrink back to what it was before. It should take only about two months at the most.

Swollen cells in your body begin to shrink and start to release extra fluid through urine, vaginal secretions, and sweat. Yes, ugh!, but a necessary step to recovery.

And the extra fat you put on is going to slowly burn off. Allow a few weeks to see changes in your body. Nursing and exercise do speed up the process. The stretch marks take longer but after about a year they do fade quite a bit.

What can you to speed it up?

Be patient and just trust me when I tell you that you will be normal again. Just enjoy the time, and if you can, breastfeed, exercise and watch what you eat. Take naps. Drink water. Cuddle and giggle, dance and sing, rock and read little stories with your new baby. Enjoy every minute.

Go for long walks, pushing your baby in the stroller. Yoga, aerobic exercises, cardio, stomach crunches and workouts that focus on the abdomen really help and tone up your body and mind. Breastfeeding helps as you burn extra calories to make the milk, and also, nursing starts contractions in the uterus, making it shrink. Yahoo!

The key is to focus on a healthy lifestyle with a good variety of healthy food, exercise and fresh air. Get up and move that body. Definitely watch your calories and fat. Eat healthful snacks.

But what can I do for date night to look attractive to my husband?

Don’t worry, he loves you. But of course, you want to look-“ not baby fat”, right?

This is the time than you can wear a beautiful flowing top. Black works magic with hiding lumps or bumps and you can dress it up with lively accessories.

Another option is an oversized dark sweater over a light tank top and finished off by dark leggings. Wear the size you are as that will flatter you more. Choose fabrics which drape and are graceful and make you feel beautiful.

Life is just beginning and if it takes a few weeks to get rid of your jelly belly, don’t sweat it, just enjoy this special time.

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