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How does the role of modern moms has change - The Beauty Corner

How does the role of modern moms has change

Being a modern mother means a lot more than we can think of before society. The current pace of life does not allow a second of rest, with tasks related to the care of the house, the education of the child and the mandatory working day. To combine the moments with our family and work requires willpower and a series of personal rules that will help us to make our daily life at least a little more relaxed.

Talk to your kids as much as you can.

When we get caught up in work or home, it’s easy for our conversations to turn into little prepared phrases that are completely different from what we understand by conversation. Your children need both physical care and the love and trust of their mother, aspects that will return multiplied encouraging us with any problem we have had. Don’t hesitate to chat with them whenever you can, even if they’re not old enough to answer you beyond a smile.

From care to care

The first few years of our child’s life require our full attention to meet their needs, but no matter how much our mind may deceive us that they are still not on their own, your children inevitably grow up. Teach them basic tasks like making their bed, cleaning the table or focusing on their homework as soon as possible without having to be on top of them. You have cared for them, it is time for them to help you by their own means and with your help as a tutor and expert in modern life.

Don’t neglect your friendships

Having children is wonderful, but remember that you had a life before you had your little ones.

Try to keep in touch with your closest friends, avoiding calling them only when you feel sick. A good friend will be able to give you the space you need, while showing unconditional support when you ask them directly. Remember that friendship is a crop that must always be kept in good condition, and can make your own children become part of the friendship.


Enjoy your children

Many mothers focus so much on getting their children to have their needs met that they forget the most important thing: to enjoy their company. Let them play quietly in the park while you chat with other mothers, go to their room and touch their toys, let them help you, in their own way, prepare the food, set the table or do the cleaning. Our children are the perfect companions for the moments when we feel happiest and saddest, decisive and anxious.

Take time for yourself

We love our children, an idea that is not incompatible with giving ourselves time and having healthy habits. If we let the problems fall on us, our mood will gradually decline, affecting the way we act and even our dealings with our children. A modern mother knows her limits, making the world around her stop until she is able to fix everything again.

Accept your mistakes with philosophy

There is not a person in the world who is not wrong. When you’re a modern mother, you know there are always things to do, unexpected things that no one seems to notice, and past problems that can still be solved if you take a little time. Accept your mistakes, understand that there are situations that are beyond your control and others where you can not directly solve what has happened, whatever you do. One of the best ways to make a mistake is to try never to do it, always remember that.

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