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How to choose a swimsuit that will flatter your figure - The Beauty Corner

How to choose a swimsuit that will flatter your figure

Who of us doesn’t dread the very idea of going shopping for a swimsuit? Just the very thought of it can be more painful than the very thought of going to the dentist.

The challenge lies in finding a style that doesn’t only flatter your body but allows you to show off your curves and carefully concealing certain flaws that you prefer to stay out of sight. Searching for the perfect bathing suit can be time-consuming and slightly depressing since most slimming bathing suits look like something your great-grandmother would wear!

To help take the pain out of shopping for your next swimsuit, we have compiled a guide about how to choose the right style for your body and what to look for in a bathing suit. So you can step out from under that gigantic Muumuu this summer and start enjoying life and look great at the same time.


Two of the most popular swimsuit styles

  • One-piece swimsuit: One of the most popular swimsuit styles in America is a one-piece, probably due to the fact of their overall versatility.

Pros: They provide the support and coverage you need to shape your body and torso but at the same time allow to you look great while playing volleyball on the beach or with your kids in the sand. Plus, they are ideal for keeping everything in place and also helps to keep the jiggling down to a minimum.

Plus, many styles have combined the power of your beloved shapewear into a shaping swimwear and one-piece swimsuits can provide total support for your entire torso.

Cons: Since they tend to cover up your entire torso, they might lack the sex appeal that comes with wearing a bikini. But you can look for styles to make more of a fashion statement with revealing cutouts or a deep neckline, etc.

  • Bikinis: The second most popular type of swimwear in North America. A typical bikini comes in two-pieces and covers significantly less skin than the traditional one-piece, generally exposing your waistline.

Pros: Come in a variety of styles from halter-tops to strapless. Many styles include a high-waistline transforming them into tummy control swimsuits that accentuate your every curve. Jam-packed with sex appeal, plus it can help you get a more all-over even tan.

Many styles have included a wire bra inside of the top so your girls can have the support and lift they need without making you feel uncomfortable from excess bouncing while moving about.

one piece swimsuit

How to choose the right swimsuit for you

Before running out and grabbing a swimsuit, here are some other factors that you should take into consideration. Not all swimsuits for women are created equally; some are made for avid swimmers and others for lazy beach days.

Here is the low-down about what type of fabrics you should look for when purchasing your new shaping swimwear.

  • Nylon: If you are an avid swimmer, then look for swimsuits made from at least 80% nylon. Nylon is not only a very durable fabric but it is lightweight and dries quickly. But one of the drawbacks with nylon is that it doesn’t hold color well, so it tends to fade quickly.
  • Lycra: If you are looking for a great fit and support but it isn’t the most comfortable material to be wearing for long periods and can cause chafing. But it holds color, washes after wash, but generally takes longer to dry than it’s counterpart, nylon.
  • Spandex: One of the world’s favorite stretchy fabrics, making it almost a requirement in any fabric used in swimsuits for women. But if used in swimming pools with chlorine, it can quickly lose its color and shape.

Shaping swimwear – Are they worth it?

If you want be oozing with confidence this summer, then the simple answer is: YES! Shaping swimwear has been designed with the sole propose of keeping all of your lumps and bumps out of sight and out of mind, so you can get outside and enjoy yourself. Basically, it works like your normal shapewear but as a fashionable swimsuit.

Get ready to show your best assets this year in a slimming swimsuit and feel carefree at the pool or beach.

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