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How to maintain proper intimate hygiene - The Beauty Corner

How to maintain proper intimate hygiene

Intimate Hygiene

The feminine intimate area requires special care, we are always concerned about our appearance and personal care, in addition to using specialized products for each area, but rarely do we think about the care and hygiene of our intimate area and generally use soaps that are not ideal for this area.

The daily bath, although it can be an obvious point for all of us, is the most fundamental thing when it comes to taking care of our intimate hygiene and your safety and health depends on it, since it is a very sensitive area that requires special attention, because it is an organ that has quite delicate skin.

In order to do this, it is necessary to have a specific and adequate care in order to carry out intimate hygiene properly, follow these simple tips.

How to perform intimate hygiene properly?

  • You should clean your intimate area with plenty of water and preferably not use the same soap you use for your body, as it does not contain the right pH for this area, which can cause infections. In the market you will find specialized products for cleaning the intimate area.
  • It is also important that you use special wet wipes for this area, especially when you go to the bathroom, as the use of toilet paper is not enough to remove all the bacteria from the urine, and you will also eliminate the bacteria that cause the bad smell and feel fresh.
  • It is important that if you smell something that is not normal or too strong, itching or burning, it may be an infection, so you should see your gynaecologist. Although it is important that you always visit your gynecologist, in addition to having your Pap smear every year.
  • Many women think that having a daily bath but with a lot of emphasis on this area is good, but it is not true, as it can affect the natural flora of this area that protects you from infections and can be destroyed if you clean too much. It should not be cleaned from the inside, as the flow is responsible for removing internal waste. After cleaning, always rinse thoroughly from front to back and dry thoroughly.
  • As for the material to be used in hygiene, use clean hands, without gloves or sponges. When drying, use a clean, dry, personal towel. Believe it or not, many women are afraid to touch this part of their bodies and for this reason use utensils that can cause problems.
  • When it comes to waxing, you must be especially careful because pubic hair keeps the intimate area away from foreign external agents, which is why it is so important that you do not completely remove the hair.
  • During menstruation it is advisable to use towels that do not contain perfumes or additives. They should be changed every four to six hours, even if they are not wet enough, to prevent the blood from breaking down and smelling bad.
    Douching is not recommended because it alters the normal balance of the area by sweeping it with the normal flora, which is needed to help maintain the pH of the area.
  • If you use tampons during menstruation, wash your hands before and after inserting them, change them every four to six hours and do not use them while sleeping. The use of these should be in special situations such as swimming, sports and never routine, although in the market you will find special tampons that take great care of the intimate area without causing complications when using them regularly.
  • The best underwear is cotton, as it allows the area to sweat. If they are made of other material, they should have a cotton pad in that area. Of course, even if it seems obvious, it is mandatory to change your cuckoos, underwear or underwear daily. It is also important that you wash your underwear very well, and when you buy new items in your bra, thong, boxer shorts, etc., you should wash them before using them.

    Heat is an ally of infections. Special care should be taken in summer or in hot climates to avoid tight clothing.

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