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How to make your home bathroom a Spa - The Beauty Corner

How to make your home bathroom a Spa

Spa in Home

We all absolutely love the luxury of a spa or an elegant hotel spa bathroom. Oh, the delights of quietly de-stressing, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

But, with our hectic lives, the cost of going to a spa and the added stress of squeezing a spa visit into our schedule, it turns into just a dream. What if we had our own spa?

You can do a makeover to your own home bathroom and have your own wonderful spa. With some good advice from the experts, we can be relaxing in our own serene, charming and peaceful spa.

Here are some suggestions to make it your oasis of peace. If possible, replace and upgrade your appliances and accessories. A new tub, toilet, sink, vanity, countertop, lights, shower, faucets and showerhead, as well as flooring are all important to forming the foundation of your own spa in your home.

Here are excellent suggestions to help you add some special touches:

  • Choose a freestanding soaking tub, beautiful in classic white, perhaps claw foot
  • A walk in shower with glass door
  • Mosaic Turkish tile around the sink and shower
  • A massage, rainfall, or high -pressure showerhead
  • Heated, stone floors
  • Marble Countertops
  • Double Sinks over a decorative vanity with ample drawers
  • Luxurious, sculptured faucets
  • Good lighting both, overhead and over the mirror, also with dimming capacity
  • A window with a view

Now, that the basic beautiful new spa bathroom is taking shape, it is important how you decorate this special room you are creating.

Paint colour is important. Choose soft, neutral tones. There is the classic option of an all-white bathroom. Calming colours also add to the sense of the spa relax atmosphere.

Decoration in the finished room is what will make this room a spa and not just a new bathroom in your house.

Super soft, fluffy hotel quality white towels and face cloths and hand towels are an absolute must. Bath and shower mats, rugs, and bathrobes must be luxurious.
As well, spa like touches, for instance, a basket holding rolled up face and hand towels accent the feeling of a spa.

If you have room for one, a beautiful, plush seat or bench is a welcome addition to the room.

To maintain the elegance and sophistication, you must de-clutter and make your counters stand out and must be clear of everyday necessities. Remember, this is your zone to de-stress in. You don’t want to see the toothbrush or toothpaste caked on the cup its in. Find a spot to keep all that out of sight.

Adding decorative touches will make this a stylish retreat. For example, splurge on a tub tray for holding your glass of wine and the book that you will be indulging in, while you soak in your oversized tub while listening to soft, romantic music. Beautiful, relaxing scents waft gently through the room.

Just imagine yourself there and stepping out onto your thick mat and wrapping yourself in the huge and totally the softest towel ever. Everything is clean and orderly and peaceful.

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