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Kim Kardashian claims she had "innocent intentions" with the Kimono shapewear brand name - The Beauty Corner

Kim Kardashian claims she had “innocent intentions” with the Kimono shapewear brand name

Kim Kardashian shapewear line

The famous TV star, entrepreneur and aspiring lawyer has heard our complaints and will rename her new and upcoming shapewear line. When she announced to the world that her spandex body-enhancing intimate wear line was called “Kimono”, she instantly was criticized for Japanese cultural appropriation.

One thing Kim does well is listen to her fans, and after hearing the public outcry about her bad choice of a shapewear brand line, she announced within three days that she will be changing the name for something more appropriate. She tweeted that she is always listening and learning, and appreciates the varied perspectives of her fans. We must admit that it was very gracious of her to admit that she needs us.

She stated on her Instagram account that when she chose the name “Kimono” she only did it with the best intentions in mind. She never meant to offend the public. She announced that she would be changing the name of her Solutionwear brand, even if that means a great loss for herself and her investors.

Kim has been inserting the first part of her name into many of her creations such as with her emoji line that she dubbed “Kimoji.” And maybe when she decided on the name “kimoni” she reasoned that since the first part of her name is already in the name and it represents beautiful clothing, it was perfect.

Despite the bad choice of a name, Kim’s new shapewear line is already being praised for the wide array of styles and different shades for skin tones, plus the diverse sizes. Offering something for every body shape and shapewear for even the craziest of styles of clothing.

According to Japanese historians, the kimono is not just a simple piece of clothing but it is an essential part of the Japanese cultural. For the last few centuries and up till today, it is used in special scared ceremonies and for life’s biggest milestones such as marriage, etc. It is part of their heritage, present and their future.

Also, the traditional kimono is not something that can be considered to be “sexy or sensual” such as Kim Kardashian’s new shapewear line claims to be. Japanese stylists agreed that the name “Kimono” for a shapewear line goes against the general concept of a traditional kimono. For example, women with an hourglass figure will need to add more fabric to their midriff section to conceal their curves and create a straighter more boyish figure.

Kim humbly reversed her name choice in order to please the Japanese public and her fans. We can’t help but wonder though why her expert investors and advisors didn’t warn her about the potential disaster of using the name “kimono”? Maybe it is time she hired a new set of financial advisors and designers.

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