Does maternity and tummy control swimwear actually exist?


The time is now to stop dreading taking your family to the beach or the pool! There’s no need to panic, thanks to the greatest invention since sliced bread – the tummy control bathing suits to the rescue!

Times have definitely changed. We don’t have to look like we steeped out of the women’s bathing suits section of an old Sear’s catalogue, anymore. The choices are incredible. Tummy control bathing suits and plus-size swimwear both are excellent at helping your belly bulge seem to vanish before your very eyes!

And we aren’t talking about plain, boring old ladies swimwear with a girdle sewn in. Maternity swimwear designers have outdone themselves in the vast array of gorgeous creations to make us feel like a slender, sleek goddess on the beach.

Tummy control swimwear can be worn even if you aren’t pregnant. Sales are being encouraged for non-pregnant use. What we want is to just tone down the belly a bit and these suits are designed to do just that-disguise any belly bulge.

Maternity swimwear has joined the world of great design and offer quality slimming features and comfort. The big secret is that you are the only one who knows that it is a maternity bathing suit.

The other huge feature is that today’s maternity swimwear are gorgeous and don’t look like we are wearing our mother’s swimsuit. The world of swimwear has changed. Now we can choose the style and trend that makes us feel great, plus get hidden support, shaping and little touches of luxury.

Shapewear and Tummy Control

What exactly is shapewear and tummy control? Very good questions, as these words are used extensively to promote lady’s swimwear.

Shapewear is a foundation undergarment designed to slim, smooth and help shape your body. It is usually made from nylon and spandex.

Look for better quality shapewear, as it is comfortable and holds in all the jiggly parts.

The good news is, that now, the swimwear industry has adopted the use of shapewear even in their bikini swimwear designs. Competition is hot to give you the best swimsuit that will flatter your unique body shape.

What about tummy control bathing suits? Tummy control panels are used with a sculpting effect on the stomach, back and bottom. Effective slimming is guaranteed.

Comfort and confidence that this gives you results in the freedom to enjoy your time at the beach or the pool, without feeling conscious or worried about something falling out or jiggling.

TIPS to look for in swimsuits that are best at hiding the tummy?

One-Piece Bathing suits:
Overall, one-piece bathing suits are the best slimming choice and has such a variety of options now to choose from.

Opt for a printed one-piece for the most slimming effect or choose a style made from spandex, one-shoulder maillot. Seriously, it can take ten pounds off you.

For example, look at a fully lined, one-piece swimsuit with a V-neck and ruffles at the top and with narrow, adjustable shoulder straps, extra support, and gathers at the sides for improved fit and designed for maternity.

But, also, noteworthy is that you can wear it even if you aren’t pregnant. No worries, it doesn’t even look like a maternity bathing suit.

High-Waisted bathing suits:
Bottoms provide full coverage and use shapewear to complement your body shape.
Tankinis and two-piece swimsuits are excellent suits for slimming. They offer a huge amount of choices to express your own personality.

For example, look at a ruched, two-piece maternity swimwear, tankini swimsuit. You can wear it and look great when pregnant.

But, again, worth noting is that you can also wear it when you aren’t pregnant, and still look fabulous! (No one can tell the difference)

Bikini swimwear:
Hard to believe but this can also be very slimming, and that is a good, classic string bikini.

Swimsuits for big busts:
Look for designs developed especially for D-G cups. Your girls need flawless support. You will love the wide awry of styles of swimsuits for big busts available.

Get your suit and celebrate life by the water!

Take advantage of the choices you have, choose your suit, and head to the beach! Enjoy having the confidence of looking and feeling fantastic! Such a great time to be buying ladies swimwear!

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