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Spanx when pregnant? Is it safe to wear maternity shapewear?

Numerous celebrities have claimed that they wore shapewear during their pregnancy, but is there such a thing as safe pregnancy shapewear? Are there any concerns I should be aware
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10 celebrities using Shapewears

There is a lot that goes on behind the curtains to make your favourite celebrities look flawless. Can you imagine how much pressure celebrities face every time they walk
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Eyebrow trends – Predicted by celebrity makeup artists

If we had to choose one beauty element that drastically changes from decade to decade, without a doubt we’d have to say the eyebrow. Eyebrows are one of the
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The best tummy control thong that conceals your post-baby pooch!

One of the most mortifying experiences in life can be when someone asks you if you’re pregnant and you’re not. We love to hear that question while we are
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How to surviving re-entry into work after having your first baby

We all know the look we get when someone doesn’t approve of us having to leave our beautiful baby and return to work. Some of us have no choice.
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6 different types of shapewear and why you will love them all

Invisible shapewear that will make your clothes fit better. There’s no need to update your wardrobe, all you need to do is update it with a few new pieces