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6 different types of shapewear and why you will love them all

Invisible shapewear that will make your clothes fit better. There’s no need to update your wardrobe, all you need to do is update it with a few new pieces
Feeling Good

How a woman’s body changes after pregnancy

“But you still look like you’re pregnant!” the friend exclaims in astonishment as she is gushing over your brand new baby. Really, honestly- who knew? It is a shock
Feeling Good

How does the role of modern moms has change

Being a modern mother means a lot more than we can think of before society. The current pace of life does not allow a second of rest, with tasks
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Does maternity and tummy control swimwear actually exist?

The time is now to stop dreading taking your family to the beach or the pool! There’s no need to panic, thanks to the greatest invention since sliced bread
Fashion & Style

How to choose a swimsuit that will flatter your figure

Who of us doesn’t dread the very idea of going shopping for a swimsuit? Just the very thought of it can be more painful than the very thought of
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Do you want fantastic hair? Then read here for fail-proof suggestions

Do you have hair envy? Stop dishing out big bucks for those expensive fad hair treatments that don’t really do anything to your strands. Get some daily habits that