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Pregnancy and yoga

When you are pregnant, your body experiences a great deal of mental and physical stress due to the many changes. Yoga is a key element in maintaining a healthy
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Wacoal shapewear wants to enhance your silhouette

The thought of shapewear being sexy seems impossible but Wacoal has managed to do the impossible. Wacoal wants you to experience the magic that only comes with wearing shapewear

17 best benefits of lemon water for skin, hair, and health

Lemon or Citrus Lemon is a fruit of the wonder of your body. It is a powerful source of vital nutrients as well as antioxidants that are essential for

Aromatic candles: what is each one for?

Aromatherapy is the discipline that bets on the power of the sense of smell to stimulate the body’s sensory and extra sensory functions. It arises from the use of

How to make your home bathroom a Spa

We all absolutely love the luxury of a spa or an elegant hotel spa bathroom. Oh, the delights of quietly de-stressing, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday

Balines massage – Therapy with good benefits

From Indonesia, a place of tradition for massage, we get this wonderful massage that combines relaxing techniques with the most intense treatment of deep tissue. Pressure and stretching to