Postpartum Shapewear – after you have just had your baby!

Postpartum Shapewear

Wow, what a concept- to use shapewear- when you have the new mommy tummy! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to instantly bounce back to your pre-pregnancy body! Show everyone how wonderful your body is! The sad reality most of us new mommies just want to hide a loose-fitting maxi-dress.

Very few of us are comfortable with our newly shaped babies. But does wearing postpartum shapewear really work? What if you have a ton of weight to lose? What if you have a C-Section and need to heal?

After walking around like a living tank for the past few months, all we want is to return to our smooth, pre-pregnancy look. But let’s be honest, don’t those new moms who lift their T-shirts to show off their abdomens just make you sick, just at the thought of showing yours? Come, on mine is covered with stretch marks and it is damn embarrassing.

If you feel like this, then you will love this mom express her heart-felt feelings on learning love her body after getting pregnant and how Shapermint Shapewear helped her embrace her new curves.

She and many other new moms are jumping aboard the postpartum shapewear train; because it is the fastest, proven method to get your pre-pregnancy body back, especially of you don’t have time to get the gym.

Why you need to wear postpartum shapewear

The theory is that by wearing postpartum shapewear, it will help provide the constant pressure to help reduce the swelling and squeeze out all that post-baby jelly belly.

Many new moms are having C-Section births and are using shapewear to help heal the area of skin that needs to be allowed to heal. It actually makes sense that it would help like a giant bandage would hold the skin together.

But does it really work?

First off, it is not a magical wand waving through the air and instantly—you look and feel like your old self. It can help. But, the secret is to use shapewear with a good diet and a postpartum exercise program. Many new moms verify that the balanced program does actually work and the bonus is that you even feel better, not just look better.

Use this motivating image to help you keep kicking butt: using shapewear, then and fooling everyone how great you look, but then after you take it off, all that wiggly mommy, tummy fat. Imagine your swimsuit image! But wait Shapermint makes shapewear swimsuits

Getting rid that extra layer of flab and stretch marks are almost impossible. But Shapewear can help you gain your confidence back and begin to love your body again, which is half of the battle in regaining your former body. By feeling good with your body, means healthy eating choices and making time to exercise.

What if you have a ton of weight to lose? Okay, you can do it. Diet and exercise are the key elements obviously. Another secret here is that this is normally called baby fat. Get rid of it.

But reason on it at the same time, you weren’t this heavy before the baby. Your body adapted for the baby to grow and now that your beautiful little one is cuddling in your arms, your body is shrinking gradually back to normal.

So relax, enjoy your little bundle of joy but don’t eat too many cookies, ice cream or French fries. You get the picture, right? And move that body.

The benefit is it helps you with the transition period. You look good in the mirror so you feel better about yourself, which gets you out of your comfy sweats and slippers and gets your body moving.

Check out the video link above, she gives some extra advice. You will find proof that it boosts your self- confidence and lets you dwell more on adapting to being a new mom. If you are one of the many moms dealing with either a C-Section wound or an episiotomy scar, there is excellent proof that shapewear will help.

Factors to consider when choosing the right one for that purpose is important. Fabric that breathes well will help your incision to heal properly. Think also of overall comfort. Look for one that is gentle, supports and comforts instead of irritating and actually hampering the recuperation time period.
Conclusion of the matter: You are a new mom. You want your pre-baby body back. Adapt and be patient. Eat healthy and move your body. Give it all time to heal.

Finally, if using shapewear to help with your transition, remember not to use it for hours and hours. Let your scars heal and breathe. Choose your post pregnancy shapewear wisely and it won’t let you down. Enjoy this special time!

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