Pregnancy and yoga

yoga and pregnacy

When you are pregnant, your body experiences a great deal of mental and physical stress due to the many changes. Yoga is a key element in maintaining a healthy mind and body while pregnant. Recent studies have shown that yoga during pregnancy and prenatal yoga is extremely beneficial for you and your developing baby.

How does yoga help when pregnant?

Motherhood, labor and birth are physically and mentally demanding but yoga helps you to learn how to breathe correctly for when you go into labor. Plus, yoga helps you manage stress. Your growing baby can sense your emotional stress, which can lead to emotional problems later on in your child’s life. Yoga calms your mind and body, giving your body the emotional and physical relief it needs to care for you and your baby throughout your pregnancy.

Another advantage to taking yoga classes is that you can meet other expecting-mommies, giving you the opportunity to share this exciting journey with other moms-to-be.

Should you practice yoga during your first trimester?

For many years, just the idea of doing yoga during your first trimester was considered to be off-limits. But In the last few years, clinical studies have shown that yoga during your first trimester can help with the fatigue, nausea and hormonal changes. But of course you should avoid and modify certain poses.

Often during the first trimester we can be weary of telling others that we are pregnant, especially if we have had a miscarriage in the past. But you should tell your yoga instructor that you are pregnant, so he or she can adapt the poses for you without anyone knowing.

Here are some general modifications to consider before taking your next yoga class:

  • Avoid all types of Bikram or hot yoga, as overheating can cause damage to your baby and your overall health.
  • These poses are unsafe while pregnant: Backbends, camel, handstands, headstands and upward bow. (Mostly performed in expert yoga classes)
  • Learn to listen to your body, if you experience any type of discomfort then modify your pose or discontinue doing that certain pose.
  • Avoid any movements that involve deep body twists, if you must twist avoid twisting from your abdomen and twist using your shoulders and neck.
  • When can we start yoga during pregnancy?

There is no rule of thumb as to when you should exactly start yoga classes while pregnant but normally, most expecting mommies wait until after morning sickness has passed. This is due to sudden movements, which can bring on a rush of unexpected nausea, but other moms-to-be swear it helped calm their nausea.

When should you start doing prenatal yoga?

The majority of moms-to-be start taking prenatal yoga classes during their third trimester of their pregnancy. Prenatal yoga are yoga classes exclusively for expecting moms and encourage poses that will aid in a comfortable, healthy fetal position and teach the mom correct breathing habits for labor.

Some common poses used in prenatal classes are warriors, chair and goddess poses, which help to build lower body strength that will help during labor.

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced yogi or beginner, you can start taking yoga classes anytime during your pregnancy. Just remember that during this period, it is not about perfecting your yoga techniques or losing weight, it is about getting in tune with your body and learning to care for your new baby.

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