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The Billionaire Sara Blakely Shares Her Amazing Response to "Why Are You Still Single?" - The Beauty Corner

The Billionaire Sara Blakely Shares Her Amazing Response to “Why Are You Still Single?”

Sara Blakely and Jesse Itzler

We love the holidays! It is more than just being reunited with close friends and family. Just the thought of some of our most beloved holiday traditions brings a smile to our faces. A simple Christmas melody can evoke visions of scented candles, smell of turkey dinner and crackle of snow under our feet.

But nothing can destroy our holiday spirit faster, instantly transforming us into the Christmas Grinch than that misplaced question over dinner with relatives – Why are you still single? It is a quick stab in the heart, maybe to distract attention from the overcooked turkey or the oh-so salty stuffing?

Single women everywhere, no matter how old they are, dread THAT simple but extremely painful question!

But the Billionaire founder of Spanx, Sara Blakely is doing more that giving us confidence boosting shapewear, now she is sharing with us her comeback for that heart-stabbing comment. There is no need to go drown yourself in that over baked pumpkin pie this season, show your family that you are above their petty judgmental questions.

Sara Blakely, in a recent post on LinkedIn, admitted that she didn’t find her soul mate until she was 37 years old. She recalls that she would spend a lot of time eating in restaurants, yes, alone, getting looks of pity or disapproval from others. Blakely dreaded when some well-meaning women tried to console her by saying, “it’s ok honey, one day you will meet a nice guy.

Blakely stated that she could count on one hand the times someone actually congratulated her for standing on her two feet alone and achieving her dreams.

If anyone can understand the hurtfulness of THAT question, it is Sara Blakely. As she put her career first, she worked fulltime as a salesperson until she was able to launch her shapewear company. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she was determined to transform herself into becoming the CEO of her life. She was giving herself the opportunities that her parents and grandparents never had.

Blakely only got married to her best friend, Jesse Itzler when she was 37, but by then, she had built a billion dollar Shapewear Empire that transformed itself into a global brand. She was the CEO, founder and owner of her company, and was proud that she accomplished this without a man behind her.

Sara Blakely showed women everywhere that we don’t need to justify our actions or explain why we aren’t married yet. Let our actions speak louder than our words, by showing those well-meaning women that we are in control of our lives! And we will get married when we are ready to and not because someone says we need to.

Blakely, without a doubt, is an empowering example of choosing our own path. Forbes has recently ranked her as one of the richest entrepreneurs in the USA. Her current net value is more than $1 billion dollars.

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