Why does shapewear roll down?

You are all dolled up and look simply amazing, you were finally able to slip into the sexy black cocktail dress your bought a few months ago thanks to shaping panties. But as you slip out of the cab to walk into the club with the girls, you feel something, something popped out from under your shapewear.

What was it? Your shapewear just rolled down causing your fat to bulge upwards. That is just the beginning, with every step towards the club your shapewear begins to curl up and roll down. Forming a suffocating hold around your midsection and totally destroying your smashing entrance.

We love shapewear but why does it always roll down and how can you stop this from happening? Here is why your shapewear is slipping and not staying in place.

shapewear roll down

1. You ordered the wrong size

One of the most common reasons your shapewear is rolling down is because you ordered the size you wish you were and not your real size. But you ordered your normal size? Products vary from product to product, for that reason you always need to check the sizing chart to make sure you order the correct size for that item.

Also, if you ordered a size that is too big for you, it won’t have enough stretch to stay in place. So, as you walk about, it will slowly begin to roll down. Just remember that in order for shapewear to be magically slimming, you need to order the correct size for your body.

2. It is worn out

Just like other stretchy undergarments, shapewear has a lifespan and overtime it can lose its stretchy power. When this happens your shapewear can become lose fitting and tend to bunch up and roll down instead staying in place. To avoid this from happening, make sure you discard your old shapewear and renew them.

3. Maybe they don’t have a silicone grip strip

Many older shapewear varieties tend to roll down because they don’t have a silicone grip strip along that waistline that prevents it from rolling down. This slip grip helps your shapewear stay in place even if you are dancing up a storm. Basically, it helps your shapewear stick to your skin.

4. Your didn’t put it on correctly

Putting on your shapewear is like putting on pantyhose, you need to take your time so everything is in the right place or they will roll up or be extremely uncomfortable. So take your time putting on your shapewear, making sure everything is lined up exactly where they should be.

Once you got the shapewear on and in place, now do a little twist downwards to make sure everything is firmly in place. This will help your shapewear settle into place and avoid slippage later on.

Now, if you are already out for a night on the town and your shapewear is slipping, don’t let your shapewear get you down, just take it off and enjoy the rest of the evening commando style!

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