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Spanx when pregnant? - The Beauty Corner

Spanx when pregnant? Is it safe to wear maternity shapewear?

Spanx when pregnant

Numerous celebrities have claimed that they wore shapewear during their pregnancy, but is there such a thing as safe pregnancy shapewear? Are there any concerns I should be aware of? Because, honestly, just because celebrity does something doesn’t mean it is safe right?

Wearing shapewear while being pregnant can sound tempting as it will hold everything in place and smooth out your ever-increasing body under your clothes. But before you slip into some body shaping wear, read below to find out if constricting body wears can hurt your baby.

The truth about shapewear and pregnancy

According to doctors, wearing a tight piece of Lycra or shapewear around your belly will not hurt your baby, even if you are far along. Often, we hear that shapewear can cut off the blood flow to your growing baby in the belly, but that’s impossible according to your doctor. Why?

Your baby is fed a constant flow of blood directly through the aorta from your uterus, which has much more pressure than even the tightest shapewear would. Plus, your baby is safely nestled away in a bed of amniotic fluid.

But, doctors do recommend for your comfort and your baby’s, that it is preferable that you wear maternity shapewear instead of your regular shapewear. If you find that your pre-pregnancy shapewear still feels comfortable, then go ahead and wear it but, if it feels tight or constrictive, then put them away for a few months.

As a general rule: Avoid all types of clothing or shapewear that puts excess pressure on any of your organs.

But, doctors do warn that whether you are pregnant or not, any type of shapewear that puts too much pressure on your body is not recommended, ever. This is because it can cause indigestion, reduce your blood circulation; increase your blood pressure or cause yeast infections.

However, there is one type of shapewear that doctors, everywhere, agree should never be worn while pregnant – a corset or waist cincher.

Most expecting mommies prefer using maternity shapewear for several reasons.

      It provides you with all of the shaping benefits you have come to love from your regular shapewear, but with less stretch around your belly, so it grows with you during your pregnancy. Many styles can be worn as postpartum shapewear.
      Many styles provide additional back support, which helps with alleviating back pain especially during the later months.
      Many styles are crotch-less which is handy, as pregnancy equals frequent urination.
      It can give you an extra boost of confidence for a special occasion that you need to look and feel your best. Just make sure you are wearing the correct size for your current body and not what you were a month ago.

What about postpartum shapewear?

Postpartum shapewear is a wonderful aid to help you get control of your body again. Often, after pregnancy, all of that extra weight just sits flabby around your waistline. That flabby weight should disappear within three months but without the helps of shapewear it can destroy your confidence.

If you want to wear shapewear after C-section you should wait until your stitches have been removed, about 5 to 6 days. Plus, studies have shown that using shapewear after a C-section can reduce scarring, as it creates a buffer between your skin and your clothes.

Another reason why moms everywhere love the postpartum body shaper is because they help your posture. For the last few months, you have been carrying around a lot of extra weight around your belly and now you have to bend over constantly to pick up your baby. Believe us your back will thank you!

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