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The best Leggings for your body type - The Beauty Corner

The best Leggings for your body type

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Are you ready to take your legging obsession to a whole new level? Keep reading this article and you will discover which leggings will flatter your body and which ones you would be better off avoiding. Just be warned your obsession might piss everyone around you off!

The truth being, not all styles favor everybody’s body. We are all uniquely beautiful and fantastic, what looks good on one person might not look so hot on you. It’s kind of of like haircuts- some ladies look great with short hair and others not so much.

Check out the following legging styles that will flatter your body

Apple shaped
Look for shaping leggings. Luckily, you can wear either cropped or longer styles with your body, but you might want to shy away from printed pants. If you want a funnier look, you could try a pant that incorporates mesh around the lower leg area. As for bright, Kodak colors, they could draw too much attention to your tummy area so you might want to wear more neutral tones.

High-rise, high-waist is your BFF when it comes to wearing ladies’ leggings. Basically the higher the pant sits on your waist, the more flattering it will be on your figure. Another suggestion would be wearing styles that come with a side paneling, which will give the impression of elongating your legs and making your look taller and slimmer.

For you ladies with sexy, curvy hips – look for women’s leggings that don’t dig into your waist. Choose a style that features a wider waistband or a fold over feature such as a wrap around belt that hits right at your belly button, etc. IF you have a wider lower half, avoid prints and cropped pants but be fearless with bright solid colors.

For anyone who is petite, then you would want to shy away from anything that is a high waist, as it will shorten your figure. Instead look for low-rise leggings that are cropped about mid-leg, giving the elusion of elongating your legs. Your figure looks great in prints and color blocking. If you are feeling more risqué, try pants with cutouts.

For those of you with a rectangle shape, try wearing cropped leggings for women with a wide, lower waistband that hits right under the belly button. Look for styles that come with a triangle shaped waistline that drops under the belly button. This style will make your waist look narrower and give the elusion that your body has more curves. You can wear all styles of prints, colors and even metallic tones – go bold.

Just a word about the classic black leggings, that no matter what body type you have or shape, this classic look looks fantastic on everyone just make sure that if they begin to look worn, faded or ripped, then you should throw them far, far away.

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