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All of the Different Types of Panties a Women Must Have - The Beauty Corner

All of the Different Types of Panties a Women Must Have

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You look amazing! Your dress hugs your body in all the right places, you feel as if you rule the day. That is until you caught a glimpse of yourself in the window and you are horrified to see that your panty lines are showing through. A simple pair of panties ruins your flawless look.

We choose what we wear everyday and even take time to choose the right bra to wear with each outfit, but somehow forgot about how those cute panties can either make or break our look.

We all know that we need to wear a strapless bra with our adorable summer strapless maxi dress but do we always remember to wear seamless shaping panties with our pencil skirt? Here is everything you need to know about the different types of women’s underwear that every woman should own and what to wear them with:

Boy Shorts

These cute panties are inspired by your boyfriend’s boxers and are ultra comfortable. Plus, they can double as pyjama lounge and sleeping shorts. You will love the functionality of boy short panties and they can be worn with skirts and short dresses.

The Classic Brief

The classic brief will be your go-to everyday underwear and often you can purchase this style in a pack of three or five for your convenience. Plus, they can be paired with just about anything that doesn’t hug your body, unless you want the world to see your panty lines. Wear with jeans or pleated skirts.


Hipsters are one of the most popular types of panties because they can literally be worn under anything. Go effortlessly from the gym, work and happy hour with this lightweight, comfortable panty. Wear them under pants and low-waist jeans.


Nothing is sexier than a thong. But, besides looking and feeling sexy, they are the ideal panty to wear under anything that hugs your body and could show off an unwanted panty line. Wear them with pencil skirts and bodycon dresses or any occasion that you want to look sexier.

The French-cut Panty

The French-cut panty is a fancy way of saying high-cut panties and gives off a cute vintage vibe under your clothes. The leg holes sit higher on your hips, which allow for improved circulation and make your legs look longer. They fit superbly under a pair of high-waist jeans or trousers.


The G-String is similar to a thong but literally has no back coverage, just a string to hold everything in place. They are ideal for those moments that you really want to go commando but still need some coverage down below. It is a learning curve to get used to wearing this type of panty. Ideal worn under leggings or bodycon dresses.

Body Shaping Panties

Shaping panties or control briefs are super comfortable and are designed to give your entire midsection a quick tummy-tuck. They are all about functionality and making your outfit have a more streamlined style. Wear them with bodycon dresses and high waist trousers and jeans.


The seamless style is quickly becoming one of the most popular styles of women panties because they are ideal under almost every style of clothing. Plus, they come in almost all types of panties. The seamless design ensures that no visible panty lines will show up under even the tightest dress.

Brazilian Brief

The Brazilian brief is a combination of a hipster and thong with a tropical beach flare. A must have summertime or while vacationing on the beach. These pretty panties often come with lace or ruffle detailing and in fun colors. Wear under shorts or a sarong.

The “barely there sheer” Panties

Sheer panties almost step over into the lingerie drawer because of the overall sex appeal. Expect to see styles with lace or beaded detailing on a silky sheer fabric. Best worn under flowing skirts or dresses.

Playful Printed Panties

You are never too old to wear fun underwear with quirky, weekday hashtags such as #mancrushmonday or #sundayfunday. Whether you are looking for conventional sized panties or plus size panties, you will need to add a touch of playfulness to your underwear drawer.

Granny Panties (aka period panties)

We all need a pair of granny panties for those days we feel bloated or just had a hard day at the office. Sure they might be the last thing you want to wear for a romantic evening but boy, are they ever comfortable. These high waisted panties are ideal for when you have your period, as there is zero risk of leakage. Wear under anything that makes you feel good.

Edible Underwear

This might not be something you would want to wear out but best reserved for the bedroom. These women panties are a great way to spice up things in the bedroom department with your partner. Clothes optional.

Sport Panties

Often this style looks like boy short panties but made from stretchy fabrics that move with your body and wick up excess moisture. No more uncomfortable panties cutting into your skin as you stretch. Wear under leggings or exercise shorts.

The Butt-Lifting Panty

Boost your confidence by giving yourself an instant booty-lift with unique shaping panties. Most styles provide tummy control around the midriff and thighs. Best worn with skinny jeans or pencil skirts.

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