What to wear with leggings

If you have ever worn leggings, you already know they’re better than sliced bread or any other forbidden carbs that we love – leggings are the BEST pants ever! Sadly, they have turned into a controversial piece because so many people are wearing them badly.

Like everything in life, you are allowed to wear whatever you want and how you want. If you enjoy showing off your tosh while wearing leggings, then go for it. But the majority of us don’t feel so confident with our little booty.

The key to looking terrific in any type of women’s leggings even including jeggings, is learning some key combination rules. We guarantee after checking out these styles below, your jeans will get stuffed into the back of your closet. (Just don’t throw them away; you will want for doing yard work one day).

How to wear leggings

We aren’t going to make any rules, because really we are told what we have to do constantly, and how we dress shouldn’t be one of them. But, here are some concerns to watch out for, before you finish off your look.

Camel toe is formed from wearing pants that are too tight and results in it causing your crotch to look basically look like a camel’s toe, hence the nickname (sorry, for being so blunt!). If you don’t like how leggings cling to you around that area, opt for longer tunic’s that cover you in the back and front.

Fabric and fit
There are quite a few cheap yoga pant imitations out there that are actually transparent when you wear them. So unless you are an exhibitionist, you might want to look for fabrics that are made from thicker fabric but still provide the stretch to move with your body. A thicker material means no lumps and bumps will be visible.

Length is an important factor; ideally they should crop right at your ankle. If you prefer a shorter pant-style then they should crop mid-leg. The wrong length can make you look plump and shorter, definitely something you don’t want.

Since leggings should be worn without a belt, there is nothing to hold them in place when you bend over. So, if you want to avoid the plumber’s crack, choose a high-waisted legging, which will stay in place and give you a slimmer hourglass figure.

Color matters
Unless you want to end up on the show: “What not to wear!” then steer clear of pattern spandex leggings or leggings that are faded or rips or worn out. This includes white or brightly neon-colored leggings. Plus leather pants are made from leather not stretchy yoga pant material, if you want to wear leather pants – buy them, not faux pants.


How to combine your leggings

Keep it classic
Do wear them with a long button down top that covers your behind. You can easily take this look from casual to a night on the town, depending on the style of the shirt, shoes and the accessories. If you want to show off you shape, tie a belt around your waist.

Since the shirt is a classic, strive to wear black, brown or charcoal colored high waisted leggings. If it is colder outside, finish off the look with a pair of boots and a scarf.

Keep it cozy
Oversized cardigans are leggings BFF. The bulkiness of the sweater offsets your narrow legs. Use neutral colors but splash up your look with a colorful tee. Longer sweater are not only slimming but cover your assets from behind.

Love your denim
For family picnics, long road trips or a day at the aquarium, switch-up your denim by wearing a chambray shirt. Nothing says casual more than a boyfriend denim button done shirt and a comfy tee.

Finish off this ultra comfortable look with a pair of ankle boots, flats or boots and you are ready to take on the world. You will love this look for hiking trips, as you can easily strip off the layers.

It’s all about the shoes
Shoes can make or break an outfit and this styling tip stands strong when wearing leggings. If you are going for a more casual look wear: flats, sandals, sneakers and big bulky boots.

But if you have a pair of black formal leggings then definitely wear them with a pair of heels. Just be weary of combining them with ankle straps or stilettos with them, I might not be the look you are going for.

Love the blazers
Dress them up with a chic blazer and you are good to go. Good quality formal black leggings often look like a premium pair of dress pants, but so more comfortable. Nothing classy, then a pair of black pants, white blazers and skin colored flats.

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